Basics of Satellite Communications for the Broadcast Industry - Part 1

Wed. November 9| 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM | 1A24

This two-part seminar is designed for broadcast professionals who need an introduction to satellite communications.

Part 1 starts with satellite basics including orbits, frequencies, digital transmission techniques and ground station technology. The seminar then covers cost effectiveness of satellite communications including cost drivers, such as satellite and ground station costs, and methods for minimizing bandwidth costs.

Part 2 covers applications for communications satellites in the broadcast industry, including content delivery to terrestrial head end sites, the home, mobile devices, and from satellite news gathering sites. The seminar concludes with a discussion of new satellite technology trends including the role of high throughput satellites (HTS) in the broadcast industry.

Program: SATCON

Key Topic: Satellite Applications

Registration Package: Core Package


Liebowitz, Burt
Burt Liebowitz
Principal Network Engineer
MITRE Corporation