Apps Made Easy: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Time and Functionality in App Development
Presented By Applicaster

Wed. November 9| 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | Inspiration Stage 3

Apps are a wonderful way for TV broadcasters and format owners to connect with viewers on their most personal device. But developing these apps has traditionally been a lengthy and costly process. Until now.
In this session, we will present an alternative, which revolutionizes the way apps are built, enabling broadcasters and format owners to create premium quality, customized apps in a matter of hours rather than months.
While apps can be created relatively quickly, it does not mean that broadcasters are willing to give up on the functionality apps should offer, including:
· Interactivity features that transform viewers into active participants and consumers. · Integration capabilities to enhance 'traditional' broadcast operations and boost ratings, such as OnScreen Graphics, analytics etc. · Ease of use and Scalability – offering easy remote management and the ability to easily add new features and plugins.
The session will conclude with real examples of broadcaster apps already utilizing this method of launching new apps.

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