The Bridge Between Production and Post: The Future of the DIT

Wed. November 9| 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM | Inspiration Stage 4

This session would discuss the role of the DIT as the bridge between production and post-production. The nature of the DIT position is shifting and growing all the time, and the scope of what they do is ever-expanding. We have some fascinating DITs amongst our membership who play incredibly unique roles on productions and would make compelling panelists. We think this topic would be of great interest to a wide range of NAB Show New York attendees.

This topic will highlight many different technologies, but also touch on the broader questions of where the industry is headed and how technologies are being harnessed to spawn creativity and expand the caliber of the final product in the full spectrum of local productions.

Produced in partnership with Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC)

Program: Core Sessions

Key Topic: New York Film & TV Productions, Production|Post

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Forbes, Everett
Everett Forbes
Freelance Assistant Editor
Forbes IV Media, LLC


Armour-Tejada, Tiffany
Tiffany Armour-Tejada
Digital Imagining Technician/Video Engineer
IATSE Local 600
Crosley, Lyndel
Lyndel Crosley
Digital Imaging Technician/Data Management & Workflow Specialist
Dragons Eyes Productions
Hagerman, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Hagerman
Digital Imaging Technician ICG, Phantom Technician/On set colorist
IATSE Local 600