Keynote: The Evolution of Satellite Technology - Meeting Tomorrow’s Broadcasters’ Needs

Wed. November 9| 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Keynote Stage

For 40 years, satellites have been the dominant transmission medium for television distribution - delivering content to cable headends, local television stations and direct-to-home - and ultimately to the consumer's television set. Broadcasters and content providers are now reaching viewers on many different devices and using a variety of platforms. The needs of broadcasters and content distributors are changing, as viewing habits are changing. This session will examine those changes from the perspective of the broadcaster, the satellite operator and the satellite manufacturer. The panel of experts will discuss new satellite technologies that are being designed to meet those changing needs and expand the role of satellites in content delivery.

Program: SATCON

Key Topic: Keynotes, Satellite Applications

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Zitter, Robert
Robert Zitter
Media Technology Advisor, Former CTO


Currier, Richard
Richard Currier
Senior Vice President, Business Development
DeMarco, Michael
Michael DeMarco
Senior Vice President, Operations
Palmer, Bart
Bart Palmer
VP, Engineering and Distribution Technologies
Scripps Networks