Dynamic Ad Insertion for Live Simulcast: Making Personalisation Count
Presented By Yospace

Wed. November 9| 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM | Inspiration Stage 3

Live simulcast has become a major focus for broadcasters over the last 12 months, partly because of the exponential growth of online audiences and partly because of the unexpectedly high returns available through Dynamic Ad Insertion.
In this presentation Yospace will outline the reasons why server-side DAI is having such an impact, from personalisation to user experience. We'll also cover the key integrations required to deliver ad replacement that meets user expectations set by linear TV, while being robust enough to support major event traffic.
We'll draw on our experience of major events, such as this summer's Euro2016 and Copa América Centenario football tournaments, explaining how reliability at scale is achieved in an environment where viewers press play within 5 minutes of kick-off and often watch streams for well over 2 hours.
Boasting a customer base that includes Sky, ITV, Channel 4, ITV and DIRECTV, Yospace is well placed to discuss some of the successes in major broadcaster's recent deployments, including consistent reported view-through rates of over 98% - a figure that surpasses equivalent ad spots on linear television.
In a world where online-only providers are posing a significant threat, we'll outline why broadcaster's futures are looking very bright.

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Springall, David
David Springall