Programmatic is Coming to Local Broadcast TV

Wed. November 9| 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM | Inspiration Stage 1

Programmatic television buying and selling is set to be an evolutionary not revolutionary process in local TV. Programmatic TV is defined in various ways but certainly comprises at least these three basic elements: Data infusion (audience targeting beyond age/gender), workflow automation and efficiency in finding and buying targeted audience segments from purchase to post. Programmatic's journey into local TV will be driven by how the market responds to factors such as vendor diversity and integration, workflow across different platforms, cultural issues with adoption of new selling and buying technologies and practices, how and what local TV inventory gets exposed to programmatic platforms.

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Ducey, Richard
Richard Ducey
Managing Director


Gianunzio, Archie
Archie Gianunzio
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Oscar, Mitch
Mitch Oscar
Director, Advanced Television
U.S. International Media
Pruett, Steve
Steve Pruett
Co-Chief Operating Officer
Wilson, Chris
Chris Wilson
EVP, National Television