360 Ad Wars? Are 360 and VR the Next Wave of Advertising?

Wed. November 9| 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM | Inspiration Stage 1

Facebook and YouTube support 360 content and advertisers and their agencies are jumping in with ads and apps. And with it, we are witnessing the birth of agencies and networks dedicated specifically to 360/VR. What's next?

Program: Core Sessions

Key Topic: Advertising/Adtech, Virtual Reality

Registration Package: Core Package

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Kontonis, Paul
Paul Kontonis
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Digiday Media
President, Global Online Video Association


Sidhu, Resh
Resh Sidhu
Creative Director Virtual Reality Producer
Framestore VR Studio
Roth, Brian
Brian Roth
Vice President Global Sales
Immersv, Inc.