Downstream Impacts of HTS Technology

Wed. November 9| 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM | Inspiration Stage 2

High throughput satellite ("HTS") technology is dramatically lowering the cost of satellite broadband capacity. In the US, HTS consumer data prices have reached LTE data price points and promising to go lower. Similar HTS systems are being rapidly deployed globally, potentially enabling satellite to compete with terrestrial services in mainstream markets. Meanwhile, formerly under served niches markets may soon have service rivaling developed areas. How will the advent of significantly lower satellite bandwidth prices impact the greater communications ecosystem and video distribution? Will flat panel technology be a game changer for consumer applications? HTS role in OTT video distribution?

Program: SATCON

Key Topic: Satellite Applications

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Musey, J. Armand
J. Armand Musey
Summit Ridge Group, LLC


Gulla, Peter
Peter Gulla
SVP, Consumer Sales & Marketing Group North American
Limmer, Christoph
Christoph Limmer
VP, Commercial Development & Strategic Partnerships
Paul, Lawrence
Lawrence Paul
Director, Market Development, Chief Strategy Office